Overview of the Slot Machine Super Hot Fruits Megaways

Both retro games and the Megaways platform are of particular interest to Inspired’s development team. The studio probably combines elements of both to produce a new kind of entertainment. Numerous developers have stepped forward to meet the demand for fruit-based Megaways games. Super Hot Fruits Megaways from Inspired is largely the same as other similar games. Individually, these elements aren’t very novel, but when combined, they have the potential to provide some fun for gamers that enjoy this genre.

Super Hot Fruits Megaways is a simple-looking slot machine that stays true to its vintage theme. Despite being driven by Megaways, Inspired has limited the game to simply 5 reels, each of which may accommodate between 2 and 7 symbols. There are up to 16,807 possible winning combinations in the main game when all symbols are used. The rest of the picture is a throbbing red blob, like a cross between a galaxy explosion and a can of paint that was knocked over. While there is no music or sound effects in the main game unless the reels are in motion, the Hot Spins bonus round has a dance track from the 1990s.

Super Hot Fruits Megaways struggles in the statistical department. While its mathematical concept is appealing to gamers who want a little of extremely unpredictable gambling with their fruit, the base game’s RTP value of 94% is disappointing when compared to the majority of the competitors. The fruity show may be viewed on any device, with wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€100.

The Adjacent Pays feature is a great selling factor for Super Hot Fruits Megaways. As a result, every set of three or more identical symbols anywhere on the grid becomes a winning set. It makes no difference which reel a winning combination of symbols appears on or which row it lands in. One of the game’s best features is that it keeps you interested even after the wheel has stopped spinning. Most of the symbols are low-quality artifacts from the early days of online slots, so they don’t exactly set the pulse racing. Cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, watermelons, bells, blue sevens, red sevens, and crowns make up the lower values, and so on up the hierarchy. Five of a type of the crown is worth 32 times the wager, whereas two bells are only worth 1.5 to 2.5 times the wager.

The slot features in Super Hot Fruits Megaways are sparse, and add little to the game beyond what is already present. However, the Hot Spins feature is available after any main game win of 4x the bet or more.

Playing a Hot Spin on all four reel sets will cost you four times your normal wager. There are up to 67,228 possible outcomes at this stakes level. If the excitement of the Hot Spins doesn’t do it for you, just cash out and go back to the main game. You can’t use your overall balance to play Hot Spins; just the amount you won initially. The number of further Hot Spins that may be played with the remaining win total is displayed on the meter next to the grid. Players are returned to the main game after the prize pool decreases to less than four times their initial wager.

Hot Spins’ main perk is a stunning RTP rise to 100%. Additionally, the middle reel may now have wild symbols. In addition, during Hot Spins, the whole stack of wilds that fills a reel is copied to the other reels. Technically speaking, unlike supplementary gambling options, Hot Spins cannot be turned off.

Slot Review: Super Hot Fruits Megaways

The demographic for Inspired might be a good fit for Super Hot Fruits Megaways. Assuming they don’t see Megaways as an innovative newcomer that’s ruining slots’ reputation. The firm sells a variety of slot machines, including a few Reel King titles (including a Megaways variant) and a number of fruit-themed, Vegas-style games. If you enjoy them, you may want to give Super Hot Fruits Megaways a try because it takes a slightly different approach.

To begin, there is the unusual for Megaways Adjacent Pays mechanism, which is employed in regular spins and Hot Spins. Super Hot Fruits Megaways pleasantly surprised us, considering we didn’t bother to study the paytable before giving it a spin. There’s still suspense if nothing happens in the first two reels, since anything might still hit. Super Hot Fruits Megaways has a slightly smaller Megaways grid than usual, cutting back on ways to win and reels, and this feature helps compensate for this. As a result, the game is more faithful to its fruit slot roots than similar Megaways products.

A £250,000 win maximum is only 2,500 times the largest bet, thus the game’s potential is doubtful even for the biggest rollers. The Hot Spins feature as a whole also lost its luster really rapidly. While the thought of spinning four reel sets at once may appeal to some, the only real benefit is the potential for activating wild stacks by unlocking wild symbols. Although wild stacks work well with Adjacent Pays, they were quite uncommon in our testing.

Fans of Inspired or those who feel like they’ve played every fruit machine out there will likely enjoy this release, providing they can get beyond the poor RTP in the main game. Super Hot Fruits Megaways is aimed squarely at the Reel King demographic, so if you don’t fall into that category, you shouldn’t have high hopes.

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